Social Responsability

BeNatural Company is not only conscious of manufacturing Beauty Products with natural ingredients but also environmentally responsible. BeNatural Company protects your health and the environment by:

vinetaUsing 100% natural ingredients in Skin Care and Body Care Products.
vineta Not using toxic substances that may cause skin or health problems such as preservatives (parabens), mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors.
vineta Using ingredients that are not tested on animals.
vineta Keeping the use of paper to a minimum.
vineta Recycling all waste-materials to help rid the environment of solid disposable items.
vineta Using 100% recyclable packaging bags.
vineta Not wasting water.
vineta Making our facility a healthy place to work; smoke free and free of other unhealthy substances.


BeNatural Company is socially responsible. We support charitable organizations aimed at improving the quality of life of those who work at the country side, this is our inspiration and the main reason for our Company´s existence.